Domain registrations not working


Is anyone else having problems trying to check for domain availability or registering new domains?

When I try to check to see if a domain is available, it gives me the pop-up to ask me if I spelled it correctly, but when the page refreshes it is gives me the error “Internal Error: Unable to check domain availability at this time. Please try again later!”, instead of telling me if the domain is available or not.

I contacted dreamhost about it early yesterday, and they wrote back that it was working, but I still receive the same error. I have cleared my cache and verified the problem using multiple machines on 2 different ISPs with no luck. I replied back to DH, but they have not replied back yet.

Do you get the same error? I wonder if this will affect domain renewals too?


Works for me. Are you searching for a .com, .org, or .net?



It works for me for .com, .org and .net, but it does not work for .info.


IT sounds like there is some problem with the .info whois service; if the other domain lookups are working properly, it is unlikely to be a problem with the DH panel. :wink:



Network Solutions and GoDaddy both show availability (yes or no) for the .info domains I am looking for, and they seem like I could register the open ones. That makes me think that it is a DH issue.


It is certainly possible that it is a DH problem. If that is the case, it will take DH support to sort it, as we can’t help much with that here . :wink:

BTW - I hope you were not planning to register any of those .info domains you searched for at NetSol for at least the next 4-5 days unless you are planning to register them at NetSol, since Net Sol is “frontrunning” these days. :open_mouth:



Can you check the domain availability for some .info domain on DH to confirm that it is not somehow a problem that only I am having?


Nevermind. DH just confirmed that it is on their side and that they are working on it. “The services on our servers that registers .info and .org has been crashing randomly. We are working on stabilizing this.”