Domain registration


Hi, I have registered a domain name which is hosting on another dream host account. I got the domain name registered fine on my account but I want it to be hosted on my account as well. I can’t seem to add this domain name in my account, when I try to add the domain name it says the domain already in the system. Is there any way to move that domain from another dreamhost account to host on my account? Now it seems I got the domain name but it’s still hosted on the other account :S


If your account is still in its promo code period, then you can’t transfer the hosting to your account. Otherwise, contact Support and ask for help. They might be able to copy the domain hosting over to your account, or just help with closing down the other one so you can set yours up.


So if I close down the one in the other account I can then set it up in my account?
Also, the other one is not expired yet. If I close it down, will it be closed immediately or it is closed on the expiry date? Do I have to wait until it is expired to be able to set it up in mine or I can set it up right away and when it is expired the site will automatically pick up the one in mine?
Sorry if my saying confuse you hehe :slight_smile: