Domain Registration

Who here registers their domain name with Dreamhost? I’m debating between them or GoDaddy. Any differences with domain registration or anything like that?

I have mine scattered. I have the free one here, some at Godaddy, a few at Namecheap, 1 or 2 at Registerfly–then a whole bunch in a Directi reseller account.

If you care about the privacy, DH adding that for free made their price much more competitive.

If you go with Godaddy, Namecheap (and many others), be sure to do a Google search for coupon codes, since they almost always have current ones out there that can save a dollar or two on registrations.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with ALMOST97 promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with THEFULL97.

I’ve had two domains registered at GoDaddy since Jan '05. Never had any problems with them, they are a good registrar. However, I am transferring them to DreamHost because DH recently implemented private registration for free (it costs 4.99$ at GoDaddy). The transfer was painless and completed in under 2 days.

What you plan to do with the domain would affect my recommendation: If you plan to also host your site with DH, then DH would be the better choice. If you have paid hosting elsewhere, then either DH or GoDaddy would be a good choice. If you are buying the domain simply to redirect visitors to your existing free site (e.g., geocities, angelfire, or your ISP’s personal webspace) then GoDaddy is the best option, because DreamHost doesn’t offer free URL/e-mail redirection with just a domain purchase (GoDaddy does).

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