Domain registration


I signed up for the “domain only” plan but can’t get it to point anywhere. I want my domain to automatically forward to another address (also hosted on dreamhost) that belongs to someone else. But the only thing accesible to me in the dreamhost control panel is domains->registration and domains->registration->modify whois info. This sounds like I need to update my DNS records but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. Anyone got any ideas?


So you basically want to host the domain under the other DreamHost account?

In situations like this, but with the domain registered externally to DreamHost, the normal procedure is to change the name server configuration for the domain to point to the DreamHost DNS servers then add the domain as fully hosted in the DreamHost account that will be hosting the domain, in your case the account that belongs to ‘someone else’.

Since the domain is registered here at DreamHost, the first step (changing the DNS records) may not be required. However, you will still need to add the domain to the DreamHost hosting system under the account that will host the domain.


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