Domain registration


if i register a domain through DreamHost, would i be able to transfer the domain to another company? like my godaddy a/c?


Usual domain methods and rules apply re unlocking and not being able to transfer until 60 days expire.



i am curious on this though.
why i won’t be able to transfer my domain anytime i want but instead i have to wait till it is 60 days before expiring?


I think you misunderstood what Norm said.

You will not be able to transfer the domain for 60 days after registering it, due to it being locked.

Basically, all the normal domain registration rules apply at DreamHost. As far as I know, they impose no extra restrictions on what you can do with your domains.


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Sorry I should have been clearer there.

A lot of domain registrars have a condition that a domain cannot be transferred away to another registrar until 60 days have elapsed. I think it is an anti-fraud measure to make sure domains are not purchased with stolen credit cards and then moved away immediately. The 60 days allows for funds to be moved and accounted for…or not. :wink:

After 60 days you can transfer to another registrar by completing the appropriate transfer form at that registrar. The other registrar will email DreamHost of the transfer and if DreamHost make no acknowledgement in 5-7 days the transfer takes place.

The registrar-lock is just a safety mechanism to avoid your domain being taken by unauthorised persons. When you wish to transfer you would just notify DreamHost and ask for the lock to be switched off. Once transferred you ask for your new registrar to lock it again, if you so wish.