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I just tried to register a domain with an “” ending but was advised this was a sub domain and could not be registered. Is .“” not actually a domain then?


It’s not a subdomain. It is a second-level domain managed by CentralNic. As such, I believe you will find it difficult to register it with DreamHost (and probably impossible).

Simon Jessey
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Technically, any domain is a subdomain because it’s beneath another domain (even a top-level domain is beneath the root). However, in common usage, a subdomain refers to a domain at a level beyond that which is officially registered by the registrars of any given top level domain. For instance, in .uk, only third-level names are registered, under second-level names such as and, so isn’t generally called a “subdomain”, but is, since it’s not directly registered by a registrar but rather created by the owner of

Since second-level names are directly registered in .com, anything at the third and higher level there is considered a subdomain. This includes, which is “registered” under, a domain that somebody registered and then proceeded to sell “registrations” of subdomains within, without any specific accreditation or approval by an Internet body such as ICANN.

– Dan

Thanks for the information on domain registrations.

I simply registered the address as as the was not allowed. However, if i purchased a domain name from the site that offers these, then could this be hosted on dreamhost? And if so would there be any problems associated with the normal hosting services that DH provides for hosted accounts?

The address doesn’t look great but at least this allows the choosen site name to be used.



Why didn’t you do “”, which is the actual official place for commercial sites in the U.K.?

– Dan

[quote]It’s not a subdomain. It is a second-level domain managed by CentralNic.

[/quote] is NOT a second level domain. It’s very much like creating your own sub-domain at, except that they have a pretty good domain name ( to start with. And CentralNic is NOT a registry as we know it.

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