Domain registration?

is there any way to hide my address from the domain whois page ?
i found sites with their domain name hosted by DreamHost, had all the exact info on its whois info
is there anyway i can hide it ?
is there anyway that i don’t provide fake info, but and some privacy is given that possible ?
because in the whois info, even Full address and Telephone is included…that might cause irritating people to do something to you ?

I think this depends on the registrar service. Ask DreamHost Support for help and I’m pretty sure they can help you to make an “anonymous” registration.

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This has been covered several times before, so you’re not the first person to ask the question.

Dreamhost requires that you fill in the information, so the only way to not have your full information is to provide them with false whois data.

If you want to maintain privacy with your whois, I recommend that you register your domain with a third-party like GoDaddy and pay the premium for a private registration.

I have to add that the wish to hide your contact information coupled with the fact that you want to use a credit card that doesn’t belong to you might send up some flags inside Dreamhost.