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I would like to host a site with DH. What about domain registration? Should I register the domain with DH or it’s safer to register with RegisterFly and host at DH? What are Pro and Cons?


When you start a new account at Dreamhost, you can register one new domain for free, which also gets free renewals for as long as you keep the account.

For additional domains, many people recommend registering them separately for cheap and hosting them on Dreamhost. One of the cheapest domain registration sites I know of is Once registered, simply point the domain to Dreamhost’s nameservers and follow the instructions in the Domains section of your Dreamhost control panel.

so if i transfer to dh a domain expiring in 2006 and buy a 2 year hosting plan, my domain will expire in 2008. Right?

many people think it’s safer to register and host with different companies: if you have a problem with dh you can immediatly change dns at the registar and switch host in 24/48 hours…

Is there any difference in performance between a site registered and hosted with the same company and a site registered with a company and hosted with another (via dns delegation)?
thanks for your patience

no, no preformace difference at all. That part won’t make a bit of difference in the world. And DH is a good company, so you’d probably be safe registering here, and have the simplicity of every thing being in one place.

But as other people said… Might be a good idea too. I do keep the domains I allready had registereted with Netowork Solutions, but I also use the one domain registration I got for free here at DH.


Whenever you transfer a domain to a new registrar an extra year of registration should be added onto it so if you transfer a domain to us that expires in 2006, it would add another year so it expires in 2007. As long as you continue hosting with us we would continue to renew it yearly for you for free, though. We do that for one domain per hosting account.

Also note that we consider a domain name you register your property and we don’t do anything to hinder the transfer of the domain name away even if it means you are leaving our service. We see the big picture and know that treating everyone with respect will result in more return business for us in the future. There are some hosts out there that hold domains ‘hostage’ when someone tries to move their hosting away, but that’s not how we operate.

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