Domain registration

Does anyone know what happened to dreamhost sister site for registering domains? I can’t find any mention of it anywhere, and I forget the name.

It was like “domainatron” or something similar.

It’s been decomissioned actually!

Now, everything it used to do is available from the new “Domain > Registration” and “Domain > Transfer” tabs of the regular DreamHost Web Panel. Signing up for new domains or free parking can be done from the regular site too (at

RIP, Domainitron!


A word of caution about this.

When I last registered a domain through deamhost they used my contact details to setup the domain. This is fine but they used my more private email address as the contact address. I was lucky in that I did a whois the next day and saw the problem.

So if you register through dreamhost and you have a spam attracting email address you want to use, update the registration details as soon as you domain is registered.

I believe you should soon (if you can’t already) define a separate set of contact information for domain registrations. This much-needed change is part of all the new registration stuff.

Thanks Will :slight_smile: