Domain registration taking a long time?

I signed up at dreamhost and registered a new domain name yesterday by following the link in the dreamhost e-mail. I filled in all of the required information and was presented with a nice green box saying that I was successful and would receive an e-mail within 15 minutes confirming that my domain name is registered and active. This was around 18 hours ago now. I put in a support ticket a couple of hours after registering but haven’t had a reply yet. I’m just wondering if this is typical and, if so, what experiences have others had? Just want to estimate when my new domain name will be active.

Thank you.

Hi Jeremy,

I apologize for the delay with the registration process.
This is something that is not usual. We’ve been experiencing some issues with our registration system lately. We’re working to get this resolved asap. I do see we’ve received your support ticket, and one of our techs will be investigating the problem and replying to your ticket shortly. Thank you for your patience, and I apologize for the issues.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from support. :slight_smile:

In case anyone else is having this problem, I just got an automated message from support. They’re on it :smiley:


This is just a notification that your message has been moved to our severe problem queue. This queue is for major outages that cause a large amount of support to come in. Our goal is to resolve the problem based on the information you have provided. We will then send you an update once the issue is resolved. Depending on the problem it may take longer than 24 hours for a response. Please hang in there, when messages are moved here your problem is given top priority. Please note that callback support is not available for messages moved here.

The DreamHost Ticket Moving Robot![/quote]

Surprised there is no post on for something that sounds like that.

I also signed up yesterday (2/10/2013) with the intent to move six of my domains from 1&1 to DreamHost. I successfully initiated the domain transfer process from DreamHost to bring over from 1&1. I received the email to confirm the transfer, which I did. At this point, what should have happened is that DreamHost would have sent an email to 1&1 to release the domain. DreamHost’s conformation page kind of implied that this message was sent. I called 1&1 to expedite the release process. They are claiming that they have not received any email. Frustrating part is that at this time, the whole process (which took less than two hours between 1&1 and GoDaddy to move more than half a dozen domains) is in limbo. DreamHost folks have not responded to my older email, so I did not bother to ask them about this delay. Most likely they will say the process takes up to 5 days.

By the way, my previous email to DreamHost was why do they ask for my credit card# for each transfer, they already my credit card on file.

I have not even become their official customer yet, and I am ready to leave already. Unfortunately, I may have to wait until 5 days to make sure that my domain does not go into oblivion.

@jujiro – I wouldn’t transfer registrations until later if it was me, I would just point the domains nameservers to dreamhost to get them working under a new roof… actual transfers can then happen at convenient times without move pressure.

Any word on this? Is there an ETA for a fix?

Hi Jeremy,

Again, I apologize for the delay.
Since the issues with our registration is system are still being sorted out. Your ticket has been escalated to a tech support lead. I’ll advise the lead that it has been assigned to, when they get in, to see if we can get this ticket expedited (since I know you’ve been patiently waiting a while).
I sincerely apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.
I’ll keep an eye on your ticket until it’s resolved.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

I’m perfectly happy waiting patiently for the fix. Luckily the domain I registered is for personal use. Regular status updates are pretty important. I am happy about having these forums available with direct communication from DH staff.

Just got a reply to my support ticket for this. Had to issue a new support ticket because the domain name that I registered still does not appear under domain management. Hope to hear from DH soon saying that I’m good to go. :slight_smile:

Mass reply to support tickets below…

[quote]We apologize for this mass-reply to your request for help with the outage you experienced this morning. Our team identified a network issue which caused the connectivity issues you noticed and have since resolved the problem!

We are verifying that all services are back online, but if you are still experiencing any issues with access to your Web Panel, WebMail, or Hosted Domains, please contact Support for assistance.

Thanks for your patience during this time and we look forward to hearing from you if there’s anything we can help with![/quote]

Does it appear on the “registrations” page? If so you just need to click the “add new domain / sub-domain” button on the manage domains page and add it.

Registrations is where it starts out, then if your hosting it or its DNS at dreamhost you can add it on the manage domains page.

No it doesn’t. It’s alright, though. I’ve just put in a support request for cancellation of my order and a refund.

Sorry, DH. No hard feelings.

Totally understandable! Sorry for the mishap! I actually just emailed you, so you should be good to go. If you have any follow-up questions/concerns for me, please don’t hesitate to write back and let me know. Thanks so much for your patience! :slight_smile: