Domain registration pricing


Why the heck does Dreamhost charge $33 for .me domain registrations? Everyone else charges 8 or 9 bucks. A few dollars one way or the other is quite understandable, but that’s almost 4x as much! Was that the price when .me domains were new and it just hasn’t been adjusted to remain competitive since then? Perhaps this is just an error or oversight? Surely this cannot be correct. Kindly have your Sales dept review this bizarre price, and verify that your systems have not been tampered with by one of your competitors or a demented accountant.


I’m afraid we don’t have much room to budge on that price — with the registration provider we’re currently working with for .me registrations, $33 is only a bit more than our cost.


No, everyone else doesn’t change you 8 or 9 dollars, except maybe as a special promotion.

Just FYI: Namecheap is $19.99 a year; GoDaddy is charging $7.99 as a first year promotion; their normal rate would otherwise be the same as Namecheap.

My impression is that DreamHost offers domains as an accommodation for hosting customers, and thus isn’t inclined to go the discount route. But you can register your domain at one company and host at another. It’s not written in stone that they be at the same company.


Look at you! You are Dreamhost! You are smart, talented, and beautiful. And if they ain’t gonna give you the respect you deserve, girl… then I’m just gonna come out and say it: It is time for you to move on. And you know I respect your decisions and all, but you can do better than those guys. There are plenty of other registrars in the sea.[hr]

[quote=“Gene_Steinberg, post:3, topic:57599”]
No, everyone else doesn’t change you 8 or 9 dollars, except maybe as a special promotion.[/quote]

Everyone else I’ve checked so far has that promotion then.

I know. But I’ve got a bunch of domains to register and I was hoping to spend that money with DH…


What it’s up to them to revise the pricing structure. When I registered an .me domain here, it was the same price or more expensive elsewhere. At least then. But this is nothing to concern me until that domain is up for renewal.