Domain Registration...outside Dreamhost?

Okay, I love having the package I do for my domain hosting, especially with all the domains I have.

What I’m finding the most painful is the cost of domain registration. Paying Dreamhost’s prices for several domains for 1 year hurts.
Especially when I know so many other people who pay $10/yr for registration, or pay less the more domains they have, etc.

Can I register outside of Dreamhost?
If I can, how do I let Dreamhost know what I’ve done so my domains work?
Has anyone here done this?
What did you use? How much was it? Did you like it?

My concern is in paying such a cheap price, I’m worried about reliability.
Dreamhost isn’t perfect, but they aren’t crap either.


Yup, you can register them elsewhere. I have one domain with Dreamhost (the one you get free with hosting), two at NameCheap, and one with GoDaddy.

To add domains registered elsewhere, just go to your DH control panel, click on “Domains > Add Domain” and enter the domain name. After you have set it up, you’ll get a list of nameservers. Then you need to go to the control panel of your domain registrar and set the nameservers to the ones you just got. That’s all!

I haven’t had any problems with either of those registrars, though I’ve heard that GoDaddy has accidentally “dropped” domains before. You might want to research on :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

[quote]I thought goDaddy was cheap…


Basically, anything close to $6.95 per name year is a loss leader, unless you operate from your own basement. To be honest, DreamHost is not the least expensive, but if you’re only registering a handful or less and not a seasoned cybersquatter, having them all in one place might be a good idea. :slight_smile: :

Hey Will - I think I found us a new slogan!

[quote]Dreamhost isn’t perfect, but they aren’t crap either.



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Well, my husband and everyone he works with as network admins at a university–all use DirectNIC, which is $15/yr.

They’ve used them for 3 years now.

If I transfered all of mine there, they’d all be in one place.
Plus, I’d save myself $40/yr.

Haven’t decided yet though. :slight_smile:



[quote]With apologies to DH, This Netcraft comparison is very,
um, very interesting. I thought goDaddy was cheap…


While we’re not too interested in being a “bargain basement” registrar, we’re not wanting to rest on our laurels, either. Starting today:

Let it never be said that DreamHost doesn’t read these forums. ;>

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What can I say? w00t :smiley: