Domain registration error?



Hello all,

I recently set up a wordpress blog at

Everything has worked brilliantly so far but I am concerned about one thing. My domain is missing the www. prefix and it shows as such in Google’s index…? Should this be a concern? Should I/Can I change it somehow???

Thank you!!!


Not a huge concern, and some may say this is the better way.

However, I have my domains set to add WWW to my sites. Is your WordPress the Easy install, or the Advanced one?




Yeah, I used the advanced installation…


You can go to Manage Domains and Edit your Fully Hosted domain so it adds “www.” when someone visits your site.



Very good, thanks. What are the pros and cons of dropping the www . . ?


See this site for their reasoning for dropping "www."

It’s technically redundant, but “www” is so engrained in people’s minds that they want to put www. in front of everything, and if it doesn’t start with “www,” they get confused. I prepend “www” just because it makes people feel better. I also force the prepend for consistency. My sites’ config files are written so the default URL starts with www.