Domain Registration site

Hi There,

I have recently signed up to DreamHost and have been setting up everything for my first site. I own a domain with Go Daddy which I have redirected and unlocked to be hosted by DreamHost. The site is now working and I have been able to log into WP.

The only issue now is that I would like to consolidate my domain and hosting by transferring it over to DreamHost. It won’t let me register it over citing: " Error: Unfortunately, DreamHost cannot register or transfer that type of domain. You can still add DreamHost hosting to this domain, but you will need to keep the registration somewhere else."

Is it just a thing? What I want to know is will it effect my FTP/SFTP set up? As I’m currently using as a temporary FTP login - and can’t change it over to my own domain. Will this effect anything later on as I get further int the backend.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


how did you point the domain to dreamhost? If you pointed the domains nameservers to,, and then there is no difference between how it works compared to one nateively registered at dreamhost.

I ask if that’s how you did it because there is more than one way to get your domain working at dreamhost.


Thanks for you reply.

Yes I pointed the domains nameservers to,, and


All good I had inputed the wrong data/reset password for Dreampress reference in Filezilla