Domain registration charges


I have a crazy domain plan. And I have got two domains free while registering for this plan. I have used one, So I have still one free domain to register. Whenever I try to register my free domain, after choosing domain dreamhost asks for payment option. My question is why am I being asked for payment while I already have one free. Is this the regular process. Will I get money back after registering ? or is it dreamhost problem ?



What does it say in your panel under “Billing>Manage Account” in the “Domains Registered” section? It should say something like “1 registered, 2 free on this account”.

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It says “1 registered, 1 free on this account” .Oh…is that mean I have got only one free which is already registered or after registering 1 account I have 1 free account.


Sound like it. Did you use a promo code to get your extra free domain registration?

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Yes I used promo code. It gave extra space. Any way I got response from support that I have only one free domain registration and it’s already been used…:wink: .

Thanks Lensman, For your kind response.


Oh well, at least the mystery is solved.

Glad I was able to help.

What are [color=#CC0000]50DISK50[/color], [color=#CC0000]3DOM50[/color], and [color=#CC0000]1IP1DOM50[/color]?
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