Domain Registration - (.biz)

I was just wondering if anyone knew if it’s possible to have a registered .biz address (through another company, since DreamHost doesn’t have it available). Yet actually have it function…

if you have (not the actual address) registered, is it possible for it to forward to the actual site – but having everything done at DreamHost, and not have a forwarding thing setup at the registration company.

Hmm… that might seem confusing… Simplified (hopefully):
Is this possible:
Register *.biz at a company other than DreamHost
Have DNS pointing to DreamHost DNS
Have a *.biz address forwarding setup at DreamHost to the actual *.com address


-Jason - Home Page
MP3Mystic - Personal Streaming Music server.
(No longer hosted with Dreamhost)

This isn’t a problem. Just add it like any other domain, here:

…and it should work fine, once you change the DNS info for it.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

Thanks (well, to both)