Domain registrars


I’ve currently got some .coms registered with godaddy cos they were a bit cheaper than dreamhost (sorry!) but I’m now a bit worried after reading people’s reports of having their domains frozen and charged $199 to get it back up.

Who do people here use? I’m not planning to spam but just want a cheap registrar that’ll point the domain to dreamhost and leave it at that without the worry that they can take it offline based on what they interpret as spam.


We all entrust our clothes to somebody else and they can walk off and leave us naked whenever they want to.

So whichever registrar you are going to use they will always be able to make that decision and take away your domain.

That said I use a couple of UK registrars as well as godaddy, but mainly I use Enom. DreamHost registrations can be considered a tad expensive when compared with other registrars although DreamHost now add-in a free anonymous whois which negates the lower cost per domain of other registrars. So maybe you should look at them?

The main thing I look for in a decent registrar is the ability to be able to transfer out without a fee being imposed, so that I can move if I wish.

I also tend to registrar meaningless names now rather than pay a premium for a ‘prime’ name. Then if there are problems with registrars wanting to keep a domain against payment then they are welcome to it.
It might cause a problem if you have a well establised web-site but even when names change people can still work out where you are :slight_smile: .

Cheapest is not always best of course. But you do have to compare like exactly with like to make sure you are not getting the cheaper option at a higher price.

Also be wary of ‘other peoples reports’ since sometimes they may be economical with the truth in order to make their own case! There are millions of broccoli eaters in the world but just because some people hate broccoli does not mean it is the spawn of Satan. :wink:


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