Domain registering

OK…so I’m teetering on the edge of signing up for a hosting plan with a free domain name, but I have one question…

If, in the future, I decide to move to another hosting provider, for whatever reason, how easy is it to take my domain name with me?

For me, and for others I’m sure, my domain name will be critical to my webspace…so before I sign up i need to know that whatever happens I can keep my domain name

Thanks in advance

It’s your domain, you get to take it whenever you want.

There have been a couple posts recently about difficulties transferring domains away, but I think they’re exceptions.

Most of the cases I know of, Dreamhost has always been good about transfers.

These guys are a bunch of hacks. Waste of time using DreamHost.

They tied up my domain for no reason as they sorted out what to do with my account.

I hate these guys and will do everything in my power to discredit what they have built.

They tied up my domain name, they took my money, and they send RUDE letters when questioned about their policies.

HORRIBLE COMPANY ! in my humble opinion.

Sorry you had a bad experience. However:

DH has a 97 day money back guarantee, so I doubt they took your money. I also doubt they were blatantly rude - just because they gave you an answer you didn’t like doesn’t make it rude. My experience with support has never been anything but positive and they’ve even given me the benefit of the doubt when it came down to just my word.

I’m sorry but you should move one. All this bitterness just because there was a delay transferring your domain? Jeez…

what was your domain name?

they don’t like SPAMMERS I guess.

It should be a fairly easy process to move your domain should you need to. I think that dreamhost is a great company and I’ve been very very pleased with the service I get from them.

Some people might reccomend to you that you keep your domain registration with a different comany than your hosting, so that if something goes bad here at dreamhost it doesn’t effect your registered doamin. Personlly though, I wouldn’t worry about it.

DH also has a great money back gaurentee if for some reason you’re not satisfied once you get here.

Also, you might take the negative comments in this thread with a grain of salt. The person has given no quotes of how service was rude to him, and seems to be blaming ICANN reulations on DH.


Close. He’s a telemarketer, not a spammer. That puts him about half a step higher on the evolutionary ladder.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.


About 2 years ago I started using my cell phone as my only line. I have a ‘land line’ becuse I use DSL, but I don’t have a phone hooked up to it. I don’t get telemarketers any more, it’s really nice. I guess that cell phones are by defult private non-listed numbers.


Not only are they unlisted, but since it actually costs you money to accept a call, I believe that telemarketers are forbidden from calling your cell phone without permission.

Same setup as we have here. About the same timeframe too.

My home phone line is only used as a fax machine…and gets about 60 calls a day…no faxes!

I did put my cell phone on the do not call registry, and my home phone…wonder what happened with that.

Telemarketers are only a fraction above spammers, that’s what happened.

Telemarketers are forbidden from calling mobile phones because, in the US, the recipient of the call is the one who has to pay for it.

I also use my mobile for everything, and have a land line only for DSL. I have one of those HP printer/scanner/copier/fax combos that I’ve been meaning to plug into the phone line, but I so rarely fax things that I haven’t yet gotten around to it. Also, unsolicited junk faxes are a big problem despite their being illegal. The last place I worked got at least one a day, often more.

My landline is on the national do-not-call list anyway. I don’t want to be inundated with junk calls if I ever decide to plug in a voice phone.

(great thread hijacking, btw)

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

I heard that the local number portability rules have made it a bit harder to figure out whether a number is a mobile or not. Some people have gotten telemarketing calls to their cellphones.

Hijackings seem to be the topic du jour :slight_smile:

FatherLuke, the closest you will get to an official response on these forums is here:

Now, since you have failed to completely explain your situation, since you have failed to realize that we do not represent customer support, and since you have stated that you “H A T E these guys, and I will do everything I can to discredit this company” (thus removing any credibility from your statements), I suggest that you move on to communicating with DH Customer Support (via the Support tab in your Control Panel) and stop bothering us.

There, I’ve said it, I won’t feed the troll anymore.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.