Domain registered with DreamHost- hosted elsewhere

I recently purchased a domain for a friend through DreamHost. I’m wondering what needs to be done in order for her to be able to access the domain management (to change DNS servers and all) without having to log into my account.
Also, once it’s time for her to renew the domain, how do I make it so that I’m not the one paying for the renewal?

Sounds like she should sign up for an account with a registrar she’d like to use, then initiate a transfer request with that new registrar for the domain name, that would get it out of your hair and into hers.

There may be the possibility of allowing some control by creating a new panel user for her then giving her just the acess that she’d require, see:
for details. Not sure you’ll have luck defining permission down to the level you’d like, especially in the case of the billing question. If you can’t do via those means, frist^ paragraph is your only hope, and probably the best option to begin with for all practical purposes.


The user privileges system (as mentioned already) may do what you want. Otherwise, the domain registration can be moved to a new account under a new web ID owned by the other person. Our support team can help you with that.

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