Domain Registered in New Zealand, hosted DH?

I have a domain registered in New Zealand -

I want to host the website on DH. I need to do this urgently as I run out with the current host.

My ems with Support follow - still awaiting reply - but thought I’d try here as well.

Hi Jay,

Maybe I used the wrong word.  I am thinking of keeping the domain itself 
registered in New Zealand with Discountdomains, but hosting the website 
on my account with DreamHost

See this item on the DreamHost wiki, which I thought would be much the 
same for nz domains:

Here is the short URL just in case:

I gather this is different from simply re-directing as that would mean 
people see a new URL, and I want them to see

I hope that will work!

Warm wishes,


DreamHost Customer Support Team wrote:


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Hello Walter,

Unfortunately we cannot transfer this domain to Dreamhost.  We can only
transfer doamins with the extensions .com, .net, .org, and .info.





You can continue to register your domain with discountdomains, but change the nameservers to, ns2, and ns3. They should have some sort of control panel there to make changes to the nameservers.

While you’re waiting for the nameserver info to propagate, create a Fully Hosted domain here, and start uploading your files.


What Scott said! It looks like the Dreamhost support guy misunderstood your question. It is true that they cannot “transfer” your “domain” (as a registrar), but none of that impacts you ability to “move” (so as not to confuse the issue by using “transfer”, which is generally used in reference to a domain “registration”) your hosting to DH.

Just make sure you continue to keep your registration current with the existing registrar, and change to DNS with that registrar to Dreamhost’s, as Scott said. Welcome, and Good Luck!


Thanks guys - this helped a lot - got it all working.

That’s exactly right… I have an inactive, but nonetheless functional, .ca domain for a now-postponed project hosted here at DreamHost.

It’s registered in Canada, but was a flash to set up here.

In short, if someone wants to know, “Can I register my domain name from my own country and host it on DreamHost?”