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I have several domain names both registered with Dreamhost and hosted with Dreamhost. A friend has just registered a new domain name elsewhere. Can I host a website on Dreamhost using that name that’s registered elsewhere?

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Yes. All of my domains are registered elsewhere. You just have to manage your DNS settings where your domains are registered.

To be more specific, you need to go to the registrar and update the domain name servers.

See DreamHost Wiki - DNS

Then in the DreamHost Web Panel, add the domain as a “fully hosted” domain. It will take time for DNS propagation though.

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I have a similar issue. I am developing a replacement website that’s currently hosted elsewhere. Once the new site is up and running here, we will backup their MySQL DB, restore it to the new site, and then switch the DNS registration.

What I need to know is how to set things up here for testing and “customer” approval before they switch to the new site here. I also need to set up the email as well, since they will need an announcement list for sending mailings to the members. We may switch the DNS registration hosting here as well, but that may not happen immediately.

My goal is to name stuff the same whenever possible (eg: system email addresses), and not interfere with the operation of the current site.

Thanks for any help…

It’s nice and easy: