Domain registered elsewhere, sub-domains?

I just registered Dreamhost for hosting but I have my domain registered somewhere else (because it is a .ca domain). I’ve already changed the nameservers for that domain to Dreamhosts’ nameservers, how long will it take before Dreamhost recognizes this? How can I tell that it has been recognized? Also, how do I add sub-domains? I’ve asked my domain registration company and they said that I do it through the hosting company?

any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to your DNS ‘propigate’ through the internet. If this is a new doamin, you’ll know propigation has gone through by the fact that when type in your domain it will actually resolve to a direcotry list, and not return an error.

To add subdomains, just log into the panel > Domains > Manage Domains > Add new domain or subdomain. type in and before long you’ll have a working subdomain.


In my panel > Domains > Manage Domains

will it show something different under the registration column once the propagation has gone through? Right now it says unknown.