Domain registation troubles


Been a dreamhost customer for a long time.

Noticed something very strange today, registered a .ca domain, paid for 3 years, all was well, saw the domain 15min queue dialog box (9:30am pst)

Didn’t get a email all day, checked at 6pm, and the domain was registered by someone else? The domain name is just a set of numbers. Did the registration not go thru and some services that checks for registrations that fail, scoop the domain name? I’ve heard of this happening with other domain providers (.com domains usually)

I registered the domain on Thursday, so june 20th, 2013.

WHois showed this when I logged back into control panel.

Domain status: registered
Creation date: 2013/06/21
Expiry date: 2014/06/21

Name: Domain Robot Enterprises Inc.

Any ideas?


I can see you’ve been in communication with one of our tech support reps for the last few hours. Basically what it boils down to is this (and I quote):

[quote]The name you listed when registering this domain was “Domain
Administrator”, which was not accepted by CIRA, the .ca registry. In
order to register a .ca domain name you must meet the Canadian Presence
Requirements specified by the .ca registry (CIRA). CIRA’s list of
requirements for registrants can be found on their site, at: