Domain/Reg Xfer Trouble


Hi, all,

I think I’m likely jumping the gun on this, but here’s my situation: A client had a domain registered and parked elsewhere (IceStorm). Yesterday I deleted that “parked” status and set it up to be fully hosted under my plan at Dreamhost. Once that was done, I set up the registration transfer. Finally, I used “one click install” to set up Joomla on the new domain, which, according to the email I received, was successful.

Though I’m sure things are proceeding as they should and it’ll just take time, every time I go to check the domain I get a “Server Not Found” message, which makes me nervous.

Might I have done something wrong here, or does it simply take this long to get things in order and I should give it more time?

PS – When I got to the Support area, my new domain is listed as “Unverified”.




There were some DNS server problems this morning (GMT) which although fixed now may have caused you a problem.
More than likely though it is just a case ofwaiting for the propagation of the domain to take place.

You could have a look at this wiki link here to view your domain before it has propagated.
Note that the domain to create a subdomain on is and not
So you could mirror say to your domain and check out the domain pages.

It will still take an hour or so for the subdomain to be functional.

What I tend to do though is to look at the DNS settings for the new domain and set those in my hosts file under Windows. Or just set the FTP server to the main DreamHost server your account is on.



Thanks, Norm. I think you’re right: I’m just going to give it some more time to propagate. I vaguely recall the DH message saying it could take up to ___ hours to propagate, which means I’m likely worrying prematurely.