Domain reg. question

Hi, ive got a problem - i have a web hosting with dreamhost and a domain registered for free as a part of the hosting registration. However, ive recently registered one more domain name and this time not with Dreamhost which can only register .coms (etc) And i didnt pay for any hosting in the company where i registered that second domain because i thought that i could easily host it with Dreamhost.

However, im now a bit concerned - i do Not actually want to transfer the registration of that second domain to dreamhost because this will require some additional one-year fee (if i got it right) but i want this second domain to stay registered with his registrar but hosted with dreamhost. How can i do that? :wink: I changed the nameservers to dreamhost, but shall i do anything on the dreamhost-side of this process? How will dreamhost dns know that, say, is mine domain and how will it know which ip to allocate to that domain?

couldnt find any answers in search, nor in wiki…

pls help, tnx

You’re set. All you had to do was change the nameservers to, etc.

Now what’s left to do is go to the panel. Domains->Manage Domains. At the bottom you can add a new domain. On the next screen, set it to Fully Hosted.

DreamHost doesn’t care of you own the domain or not. All that matters is that the domain’s nameserver is DreamHost, which you’ve already set. DreamHost will automatically take care of the rest.


alright, tnx a lot, its really working! great…:slight_smile:

It is worth noting that after changing the DNS information it will take a while before the new DNS information is propagated across the Internet, sometimes as much as a few days.

During this period it is not uncommon for your domain to appear to ‘come and go’, but give it time and things will settle down.


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