Domain Reg. - Did it transfer from godaddy


How can I verify my domain name registration has transferred from godaddy successfully?
When I check WHOIS it still has godaddy info. I transferred 24 hours ago.
thanks for any help…


It can take up to a week to transfer, even at the best of times.

Last time I moved a domain off GoDaddy, it was 3 days before everything showed up correctly.


A domain transfer will generally take a few days, but the timing depends on your current registrar (GoDaddy - the company with which you manage your domain today) and the status of your domain. I know in the past when I’ve transferred domains over they usually take at least five days. You will be able to check the status of the domain transfer here in the DH panel.

As always if you need any further detailed help with your account, you can click here and our support team will look into it for you right away :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,
Matt C


Just FYI: I ported a bunch of domains from GoDaddy to DreamHost earlier this year. Actually each transfer took less than a day, but it required checking status on GD and OKaying all the emails you get to approve the transfer. But it can be different for others.