Domain Redirects for gaming?

I play games with my friends a lot online. Typically my friend hosts the server gives me his static IP and I connect.

I tried to set up a sub-domain to redirect to my friend’s IP address but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Looking at the subdomain it looks like it’s redirecting to http://hisIP

I’m guessing the http is what could be causing problems?

First, the sub-domain must not be fully hosted, check on the manage domain page in the panel. If you find the sub-domain shows fully hosted in the web hosting column then delete the entire sub-domain and start over.

When you add this type of record you should click the DNS link under the parent domainname. for example if you want to add you want to click DNS for Scroll down to the second section on the page, titled add a custom DNS record type the name of the sub-domain you want in the first blank and the static IP in value.

Remeber you must wait for this type of DNS change to propagate.[hr]
And yes you are adding an A-record, so leave the dropdown for record type alone.

This did it. Thanks, LakeRat!