Domain Redirection

Hey there, I was wondering if someone could help. I recently signed up to Dreamhost to host my web sites. I was doing work for a client and they requested a domain name so I went and registered their desired name with 1&1 as Dream Host do not support extensions. I have uploaded the web site via ftp to a folder named ‘client001’ to the root directory (where maildir and the logs folder are located) and I have changed the dns name servers in my 1&1 account to correspond with dreamhosts but I still can’t access my site. (It may be worth noting that I wish to host a number of web sites with Dreamhost) Could someone please help me out? Is there a web site address that I can access to view my web site e.g. that I can just simply redirect my to? I would appreciate any comments. Cheers

You need to go in the panel and add the domain to be “fully hosted”, and specify the directory ‘client001’ if that’s what you want. The wiki has more info on how to view your site while the DNS change is propagating.

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yes, wiki is a good place to go.

you may want to refer to some articles

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