Domain Redirecting


Okay… I have my hosting for the domain through DreamHost. The website is I created a CNAME record to send the domain URL to the hosting website.

The problem is, I recently got control over this Domain URL from the non-profit’s previous webmaster. They had the website redirect to How do I get rid of the /pride2010/upstate_pride_sc.html redirect so that the website will just go like it is supposed to?



I can’t figure out what your doing, but you can’t use a CNAME record on a shared server without a dedicated IP.

Perhaps you meant to redirect?


Let me see if I can explain this better… I’m new to all this, like I said.

The domain name that my non-profit is using is When you go to that website, it automatically directs to

The person who was doing the website before me used some Mac-Only website design program that I don’t know the name of and don’t have access too. I decided to go through a different company (Bellstrike) to do the website because it would save the organization quite a bit of money in the long run.

I created the website ( and now i want to use the “” domain to get rid of the Bellstrike part on the new one.

Okay… so Bellstrike told me to create a CNAME and I followed all the directions, but the original domain keeps redirecting to pride2010/upstate_pride_sc.html. I switched it all back for right now because it’s getting on my nerves.

Basically, how do I get it to stop redirecting to the /pride2010 etc so that I can get it to go to the bellstrike website instead?

Does that help?



Ok, that’s different than what I was thinking before.

First, did you delete hosting on at dreamhost? Then you would enter the CNAME record. Then you have to WAIT for DNS propagation. That usually takes about 12-24 hours for most of the USA, but could take up to 3 days to reach all nameservers worldwide. This isn’t a function that dreamhost controls, its a fact of life and the way DNS works.

Since I’m seeing a dreamhost “bad_http_conf” error on when I click I suspect that you have not deleted “hosting” on the dreamhost side. But that’s not conclusive since if I try to do an nslookup on I see


Non-authoritative answer:


which actually doesn’t make sense, because I’m seeing your CNAME entry, plus the IP addresses which all resolve to: which hasn’t yet come up in the discussion, so I’m not certain how it is related.

Another option you have to change nameservers on the domain and let bellstrike manage the DNS. Is that an option via bellstrike?


Do I have to delete hosting before it will work? The non-profit has a lot of e-mail addresses that I’m worried we’ll lose if/when the hosting goes away…
I clicked on “EDIT” under the domain and switched it to DNS only. I then adjusted the bellstrike address like it told me to, but it is STILL redirecting to the pride2010/etc redirect, which is messing up the connection to the new site. Does/Will this clear up after propagation?