Domain redirecting image paths


If I try to view a page with an image on a particular domain ( and all of its subdomains ) hosted through Dreamhost, all the images timeout. If I try to directly navigate to the image in FireFox, the browser is redirected to http://{domain name}/image/{domain name}/{original path and file name} . For instance, is redirected to . In IE, the image loads correctly if one directly navigates to it. After loading the image in IE, it will display correctly on any page that refers to it provided that I do not hit refresh.

In an attempt to solve this issue I have deleted the domain from the control panel, removed all related files from FTP, and then recreated and uploaded the domain to no avail. The exact same files also work if hosted under a subdomain of a different domain hosted under the exact same dreamhost account and on my local computer. The website does not make use of an .htaccess file of any kind.

I’m a little confused on where to even start diagnosing this issue.