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Ok, this is most likely a stupid question…

I’ve purchased a domain name through dreamhost. This is the 3rd I’ve purchased here. What I’d like to do is to have this new domain redirected so that it redirects to my first domain which is hosted by dreamhost. I went to the domain management page and tried to do this using the redirect option in the management settings but got errors saying that I could not do this because my domain was already registered or some such thing.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


If your “new” domain isn’t listed under Domains -> Manage Domains, then someone may have already added it to the system somewhere. In this case, you’ll have to contact Support to track it down.

If it is listed in Domains -> Manage Domains, then you’ll just have to Edit it to change its hosting setting to either Redirect or Mirror, or whatever you’d like.


erm, so the question is so stupid that its not worth explaining?

I apologize. I’ve read the wiki and rather than understanding more I am now more confused. I want the redirected domain to go to the exact same site as my first domain, have the same content, update as people post etc. I’m not sure I understand the ‘duplicate’ issue. So, I would love an explanation of that that my blonde brain can handle.

Basically, my site is for an online wargame. The second domain is for a different online wargame. I want both of my crews for both games to be able to use the same site, but by using their specific domain addresses. It seems like a redirect is the obvious way to make this happen, but maybe I’m missing something. Surely I don’t have to pay twice for the one site being hosted but having two different urls? Dunno.

Again, any help is greatly appreciated.

First, thank you very much for replying. Murphy’s Law says as soon as I whine a bit about not getting a response someone will have responded before i post my ‘whine’, lol. but thank you.

Now, at this point it is not listed on the ‘manage domains’ list. When you say ‘added it to the system’, what exactly does that mean? I’m definitely not understanding that.

Also, after reading the wiki, I’m more confused as my 2nd post says. If you can advise me on this, I’d be very appreciative. It seems like redirecting is the correct choice but I don’t understand this whole duplication issue.

thank you ahead of time and for your current reply,

Say you’re playing around in the panel and add “” to your hosting, but don’t own that domain name. Someone comes along, registers “” and tries to add it to their hosting here. Since you already added it, the system won’t let someone also try to add it. Whatever the reason, submit a Support ticket so they can track it down.

There are those two choices, but I’m not clear which one you’d like best:

Mirror - you’ve set up, but want to be the exact same thing. (the mirror) will access all of your files and data, but show in the address bar.

Redirect - Someone types in, but gets immediately bounced over to

As for your whine about having to pay twice for hosting, you get unlimited domain hosting here. Sure, you have to pay that $10/yr to register a domain, but you can host as many websites here as you’d like under your hosting plan.


hmm, i purchased the domain name here. then tried to do the redirect. but i’ll put in a ticket.

ok, so the mirror will send and to the same single ipb site I have set up and those that use the first url will see that url as the address and those that use the 2nd url will see the 2nd url as the address, but both groups are accessing the same site. this is right? that sounds like what I want, but in the wiki its advised against this for search engine reasons.

what do you suggest? i suppose since both groups are related to specific games and their respective alliance/guild for each game, meaning i’m only validating folks that are in my crew for either of the games then the search engine blacklisting isn’t really a big deal. would you agree? i’m not looking for high site numbers. just wanting to make better use of my site by giving two different gamer groups access.

oh and the whine wasnt about paying for the hosting or registration re-up. no problems about that. i was more apologizing for whining about not having gotten a response here yet and then a response being there just after i post said ‘whine’. so thank you and sorry.


In Panel: Domains > Manage Domains

If you see your new domain in the list, click the Edit button next to it.
If it’s not in the list, click the Add New Domain button that’s up the top.

Scroll down to where it says Domain that mirrors and type in your new domain name.

In the dropdown box beneath it, select your first domain name.

Hit the button labelled Mirror this domain now!

If you still receive an error after doing that then, as Scott noted, it could be that perhaps someone has added your domain to the system already. If that’s the case then Support will need to step in.

What games do you play?

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ok, had to put in a ticket. as its not on list and as y’all said it told me that the domain was already in system when I tried to add it/do the mirror thing.

thank you for the help.

I have my own alliance for a data-based online wargame called astrowars and am the ‘queen’ of my fiance’s and my Wow guild. Makes sense to have both groups use the site since it really gets very little use just from astrowars.

what games do you play?


First-person shooters. woot!

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ah yeah, those seem to be equally as popular as wow.