Domain redirect

Hi all, apologies in advance for what I fear is a dumb question.

If I already own “” (both registered and hosted by DreamHost), and I want to register “” and have it redirect to “”, how would I do this? Is this something I can easily do from the dreamhost control panel? Will it cost me anything apart from the $9.95 that dreamhost charges to register the domain?

I see the place on the control panel to register a new domain, but it is not clear to me how this would work. Obviously I could register the domain and set up hosting and then just make an “index.html” page with a redirect, but that seems clunky; surely there is an easier way to do this?


Go to Manage domains in the panel and choose to add a new domain. Beneath the “Fully hosted” section, you will see a section where you can do a simple redirect.

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