Domain redirect

I was trying the domain redirect option on the panel and put a wrong url. After trying different things (including checking this forum), I selected back the option of Fully Hosted.

Somehow, the url “” is redirecting to my desired url (eventhough I deselect the redirect option and selected the fully hosted option again), BUT
the url “” still redirects to the wrong url! How weird is this??!!

I suspect I may be missing something in the DNS configuration…

Please I need help to fix this problem. Neddless to say my boss is not happy right now.

I’d log into the panel > Domains > Manage Domains, then edit the domain in question, and click to ‘change fully hosted settings now’. (even though you didn’t make any changes) This should set the configuration to be written out again, and hopefully fix your problem.

And as for your redirect and other things, I’d reccomend setting up a copy of your domain (on a sub-domain or something) so you can expirement with forwarding a non-live site. Then when you get things all figured out and working right, you can do it to your main site.

–Matttail - personal website

Thanks for the advice Mattail. I tried this and nothing has changed.

I’m contacting support for help. I know they’ve been having some problems with DNS over the last 2 days…

Thanks for your time anyway