Domain redirect

I use dreamhost to redirect my domain to my personal web server. How do I edit their redirect frame so that it lists my metatags.

The redirect is just that - a plain redirect. There’s no place to store meta tags except in the page you already have on your own webserver.


no a redirect is a frame that dreamhost provides that puts my content in another frame.

I think we’re getting caught up on semantics.

Redirect usually refers to entering a URL ‘’ and automatically being taken to another URL '

From your description, it sounds like you’re talking about having Dreamhost ‘mirror’ your site hosted on your personal webserver. That means that when someone types in ‘’ they see the content of ‘’ even though the location bar on the browser still says ‘’

I don’t think you can really change the metas on that scenario, as all the HTML/whatever (including the HEAD) is being piped through from your personal server.

If I have not mistaken (since I never use it), DreamHost DOES have the utility of forwarding WITH frames. You may actually configure it at your Control Panel (Domains > Web > Edit HTTP) and even customize the Title:

Display another site at your domain (using a frame; browser URL remains the same).

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As I understood Hassan, he wanted to be able to edit the META tags in the frameset definition. If he could, then the “” would have useful META information, even though all the actual content is piped through the frame from the personal web server.

However, the frame method doesn’t have any options, so there’s no way to actually do this. That’s also what I meant in my earlier reply. Bottom line is, if you let Dreamhost “redirect” to your personal web server, then you can’t specify META information anywhere else than in the pages of your personal web server - not in the Dreamhost frame. Correct me if I’m wrong.


i am mistaken guys, I do not have it redirect, i have it mirror
"Display another site at your domain (using a frame; browser URL remains the same).
Displayed Site’s URL: (e.g.
Title In Browser: (e.g. My Own Google) "

so the mirror is what is using the frame

frame html-

Heather G Rockstar - "

my web page html-

Heather G Rockstar "

maybe I should redirect it instead of mirroring it?

One other possibility (other than bringing all your files over to DH servers) might be to set up your DH site to display your personal webserver files using SSI or PHP includes.

That way you would could set up your METAs however you liked and pipe in the content you wanted.

I’m sure you have your reasons for not wanting to migrate the whole site over, but since you’ve paid for the service, you might as well use it.