Domain Redirect <==> "301 Redirect"?

On Dreamhost’s “Manage Domains” page about midway down is the option to redirect the domain to another domain name.

“Redirect this domain to another site, changing the browser’s address in the process.”

I would like to use this feature, but I’d like to confirm that this is equivalent to a search-engine friendly “301 Redirect” as described here:

Can someone confirm that this is a “301 Redirect”, and if not, what is the return code?


Yes, it’s a 301 redirect. The server configuration we generate for redirected domains looks like:

Redirect permanent /

Hi Andrew F:

Thanks for your prompt reply. Using Dreamhost’s redirect saves me the inconvenience of maintaining a different version of .htaccess on the redirected site as I prefer to keep all files identical between servers with the same material (e.g. dev, test, and prod).

I asked my question here because I could not find this information elsewhere. You might consider adding it to the Wiki on this topic.