Domain redemption period

I have/had a domain that expired on August 18. My understanding is that it went into the redemption period 30 days later, so approximately September 18. My understanding is that the redemption period is also 30 days, so it should have been released around October 18.

However, it’s now November 5 and the domain is still available for redemption.

My question is, how long will it remain available for redemption (at $100)?

Am I correct about the 30 day expiration, 30 day redemption times? How then to explain why it’s still available for redemption on November 5?

(I actually hope it’ll be available for redemption for a few weeks yet, so the client whose site it is, can make up his mind, and not fall victim to what it’s going to cost him to get the domain back once it becomes free.)


I had 3 domains that expired (and I chose not to renew) in April 2014. Dreamhost was the registrar.

I noticed the other day these still showed in the dreamhost panel on the “Registrations” page that they are still redeemable. I wondered about, but not enough to ask. In this case these have been in redemption going on 7 months.

So it appears there has been some change to the redemption period, or something is broke.

I hope that this gets clarified at some point. There will be a lot of questions from users especially if the domain will be a good one.