Domain Really Slooow

ever since about a week ago ALL my domains have been running slowlythe webpage and the images load pretty fast.
when i go to in firefox it says:
"Waiting for"
for about 5 seconds, sometimes longer
but this only happens once a day, so if i go on it once, it will take ages, the second time it will do it instantly.
i am on “fanta” all the name servers appear to be correct.
what do i do?

Is your site still slow for you?

I just visited your site and obviously I have never been there before, so nothing would have been cached and it came up within 2 or 3 seconds, which is about average for me with sites hosted in the United States.

Browsing around your site seemed fine too, not super-fast, but a reasonable speed for my 1.5Mb/256Kb connection.


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I’ve heard of some performance issues with fanta for the last few days. I helped someone else hosted on it and it definitely seemed a bit sluggish.

If you haven’t reported it, you may wish to. It may be another attack affecting your machine while it pounds another.


i live in the UK my internet in 1.1MB/s ADSL and my websites are not normaly as slow as they are now

i think my router has some sort of DNS cache where it stores the IP untill i turn it off, when i turn it off and on again the load is slow again untill the second time i go to the site, all other websites seem to be normal, like google

The router’s DNS relay / DNS cache should only come into play if your systems are directing their DNS queries to the routers IP address and it is relaying these requests to your ISP DNS servers. This will happen if your systems are obtaining their network configuration from the router via DHCP and the router is supplying its own IP address for DNS purposes.

One work-around would be to manually configure the private IP, DNS and default gateway addresses on your systems. The exact method of doing this will vary, depending on operating system.


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