Domain Questions

Hi, I am looking forward to buying here at DreamHost. But I am getting my domain elsewhere. I will probably have the domain within a few days, but i plan on buying hosting today.

If I buy hosting today and get the subdomain, will i be able to later edit my account with my domain from the other website? Or do I have to keep the subdomain?

Thanks, James.

It’s up to you whether you want to keep the sub-domain.

What you can do is actually add the domain you plan to register on your DH account, and then set the sub-domain to mirror the main domain. That way once you get the domain name and set the nameservers, your site will work immediately (after propagation of course).

Things will become clearer once you get an account here.

You can do both :slight_smile:

At DreamHost you can add as many domains and sub-domains as you wish. Each domain or sub-domain will have a separate web accessable directory.

For domains not registered at DreamHost, you can choose to leave the registration where it is and host the site at DreamHost, or you can choose to also transfer the domain registration to DreamHost.


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