Domain Question

I uploaded a website through smartftp and it is not displaying. I had transferred previous domains from other places (like godaddy) and used the same method with some results… but for some reason it is like dreamhost servers need to be added a different way. Can someone please help? Excuse the rookie question


It’s hard to know for sure, as you didn’t post a url for us to check, but it sounds as though you may have uploaded the files to the wrong directory.

At Dreamhost, the directory to your user space is home/yourusername , and that is the directory into which you are placed when you first connect via ftp. Within this directory, should be a directory name yourdomain.tld. It is into this yourdomain.tld directory that you should place your files so they are accessible from the web.

If you inadvertently placed you files in the /home/yourusername directory, you will not see the files on your site. :wink:


thanks for your reply.

sorry about not posting the address its

the current pathway I have right now is mydreamhostservername/MyUsername/

I have folders in there…as for the .tk information, I dont fully understand what you mean about it… can you clarify?

I appreciate the help so far

Thanks for providing the domain name (it helps). From my computer, that domain name does not yet resolve via DNS. If you created it , or changed the nameservers for it, recently, don’t forget that it can take from a several minutes up to three days for the DNS updates to be completed around the internet.

It is not that your domain is not showing the files as much as it is that your domain is not yet reachable via a browser due to DNS updating.

Not really…I don’t know anything about that either . If you mean to type “.tld” than I can clarify: .tld is just used to indicate “Top Level Domain”, as in .com, .net, .org, etc… It is ususally used in conjuction with “youdomainname” (yourdomainname.tld) to indicate a domain of the form “whatever your domain name is, followed by a “dot”, followed by whatever Top Level Domain your domain name uses” .