Domain Question

Yesterday I went to my site and the domain had expired! My plans are paid up for the next year which includes the “fully hosted” domain. But it says that I have zero 0 domains registered. I’m confused. Do I need to pay the additional $9.95 to register the Domain again? Thanks for your help.


How bizarre! Definitely one to send a support ticket about.

You could try re-adding your domain through the Add New Domain / Sub-Domain button. That doesn’t require any money and would probably get you working again unless there’s something even more bizarre going on. But even if that works, you should get in touch with support and have them look into what caused the issue to begin with.

The free domain is only for one year.

If it has already expired, you need to pay. But if you have not used the domain name for one year, send DH a support and wait for them to apologize.

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Do you have the domain set to Renew Later? = Yes in the Domains -> Registrations section of the panel?

If not, you should have received an email warning you that the domain was about to expire, so that you could manually renew the registration.

A note about the ‘free’ domain; Every year, just before your plan anniversary, you will receive one ‘domain credit’, allowing you to register or renew a domain for $0.00, you can choose to use this credit to renew the domain you specified when you signed up, or you can let that domain lapse and register an entirely different domain with the credit.

If that domain has lapsed, then yes you will need to register it again, but you should have a domain credit available to pay for it. Note; The domain credit doesn’t actually show up anywhere (that I am aware of), but you will know when you have one as the price for a registration/renewal will be shown as $0.00.


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Nathan, that is incorrect. The ‘free’ domain remains ‘free’ for as long as you continue the hosting plan.


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