Domain Question

Hi, I have an account with I added a domain I bought from godaddy to the fully hosted and deleted the subdomain. I go on FTP and I do not know which folder I should be uploading my files to. I have tried uploading files to http/ but nothing happens when I visit my site. The only folders in my ftp are, dh, http, logs, and maildir. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

are you logging into FTP with the user associated with that domain? If you selected a different user from the one for yoru sub-domain you would only see the there, and not You can find this info in the Domains > Manage Domains > edit area.


I believe so, I am using the ftp user that they gave me in the mail. I don’t understand how it works, since I’m use to having a public_html folder in my ftp account and dh doesn’t give one. I have no clue where to start uploading my files. I have tried uploading it to my added godaddy domain’s folder which was located in the http folder, but nothing worked. I have also tried uploading my files in the subdomain folder that I registered with and it didn’t work either. The only folders I haven’t tried yet are dh, logs, and maildir which I believe has nothing to do with uploading my site.

When you log in as the user that controls the account, there will be a directory for the domain name, like

If you log into the control panel, then go to Domains - Manage Domains, that will show the user name associated with the domain. That’s who you want to log in as.

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This is what I see on manage domains. I’m guessing I use the buidoifoo username? And if so, I have logined before and tried uploading it. There are no public_html, www, etc. folders that I’m use to having. Could it be that dreamhost’s nameservers are down which is why things aren’t working properly?

That’s correct - login as buidoifoo.

No need for public_html, www, etc… folders. At DH, you just have a folder for your domain name, or names if you have several domains.

When you login as buidoifoo, you should see a folder named after your domain. Just upload your files into that and you’re set.

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Okay I get it now, but still got problems with my domain. I have no folder for it in the root directory so I’m guessing my domain isn’t in yet. I will wait a little longer to see what happens.

The folder usually shows up pretty quickly. What do you see when you go to your domain with a browser?

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I got it working now, it was the domain folder in the html folder where you upload your website. Thanks for helping out everyone.