Domain question

Hello, I have a question. I original had a webstie package with you guys. The website name is . Well I just registered a new domain with you guys

I was wondering if I could just change everything that is on idle-gods to my new domain . Hope that made sense

Wondering what the easiest way of doing this would be

well, you could set the domain up as a mirror instead of fully hosted. That way it would allways reflect your origional domain.

If you just want this to be a one time thing, than copy and poast all the files from the first domain into the second domain’s folder in your FTP client.


Well for some reason under my domain control panel it says under

DNS Domain Name Parking active 2005-05-27 06:50:39 [ Deactivate ]
Web (Site is ‘parked’.) Parking active 2005-05-28 11:17:26 yoda [ Edit ] [ Deactivate ]
Mail Parking active 2005-05-28 14:07:12 murdock [ Deactivate ]
Domain Registration --service_name-- pending-registration N/A

[quote]Well I just registered a new domain with you guys called www.**********.com


Not good: **********.com is still available for registration, meaning whatever you did via DreamHost has NOT gone through.

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Ok well I got the email receipt saying it did. I don’t understand whats going on. Does dreamhost have any sort of number to reach them at ?

Ok I got it straighten out, but what does parked mean now ?

And when I use my ftp, I have a main folder called which is my one website, can I create a new main folder with my new website name and upload to that folder. Will that work ?

A Parked Domain = domain place-holder website with a generic DreamHost ‘coming soon’ message.

Try going to Domains->Web in the control panel and select ‘edit’ for the parked domain. Then you can change it to ‘fully hosted’, ‘mirrored’ or one of a number of other choices. If you select ‘fully hosted’ the new “main folder” for that domain should be created automatically under the user chosen for ‘All CGI should run as user:’. When you make this change, it can take a little while before the change is fully activated.