Domain question

I purchsed a plan here that offered a free domain registration. Will that domain be automatically registered in my control panel, or do i need to manually add it.

Currently the account is active but most things tell me i don’t have a registered domain.

G’day toadbee.
As far as I understand, you will need to register a domain, and DH will foot the bill–as long as you remain a paying customer with DH.
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Thanks for the reply.
When signing up, I entered the domain name that Dreamhost is/was to register for me. In my control panel it is not listed as a domain i.e. i don’t have one listed yet. So am I to enter the domain i asked DH to register for me, or once the domain is registered and propigated, will it show up as one of my domains?

When did you sign up? Have you received notice from DH confirming your domain registration? If you haven’t, expect to receive a few emails from DH soon. In the meantime, just try and add the domain to your account and see what happens - I don’t think that will break anything. :slight_smile:
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i have a question within this…

if we decide to part ways with dreamhost in say a year or two[not that i want to] will i retain all rights to the domain name??

i’m from australia… i’m unsure what the legality or rights of this situation are.

hey marsbar -
I signed up on the 3rd - account is active. I never recieved anything specifically saying “we regeistered your domain”. It has not propigated or even been listed yet with whois servers -and that takes time I understand.

But i receive semi-ambiguous things like: “NOTE: This assumes that your domain is pointing to our servers - this usually takes from 12-48 hours after you sign up and transfer/register the domain. Until the process completes, you won’t be able to access your email account.”

Under Domain --> manage i see this :" You currently do not have any domains set up on this account. If you would like to change that, you may now add a domain. "

?? - so if you don’t think I’ll blow anything up - maybe I’ll try it. What I’m hoping to find or hear is “If you got a free domain when you signed up, sit back and relax” or “add it as a domain” :wink:

I would contact support (and then be patient for them to get back to you).

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MP3Mystic - Personal Streaming Music server.
(Neither of these sites are still hosted at dreamhost)

Yes, you need to add your domain in your control panel.

OK - i think you were right - because i registered the domain free off charge. Very weird though, when you purchase a plan - the second screen asks you for the Domain you’d like to host… Anyway, thanks i suspect it’ll all come together now.

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According to this DH Knowledge Base article, “Will my domain be registered under my name or DreamHost’s?” you own the rights to your domain name.
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marsbar (also from OZ)

Did you blow up anything, toadbee? :wink:
See if this DH Knowledge Base article helps - if not, contact DH Support.
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