Domain problems


i have a domain on dreamhost along with a website.
but i have a different webiste on a different host and i wanted that domain to point to the new host.
i also use cloudflare manually.
so i pointed the domain hosted on dreamhost to cloudflare, which in turn points to the other host.


but how can i view the dreamhost website which now has nothing pointed to it?


You mean the files on our servers, or just your panel?


the files on your server. i still have a wordpress blog here to look at. in use till 2 months…

although i tried telling it to end my hosting and not renew after that but it says i cant
says: “you cannot end your last full hosting plan unless you have vps”


Once you move the DNS away, the blog doesn’t ‘work’ anymore. But I’m a little confused as to what DNS change you’ve done.

You had a domain fully hosted here (say and you wanted to change it to another webhost? Is that correct?