Domain problems

I just signed up for dreamhost about 10 minutes ago and selected “Register a new .com/net/org/info domain for me free!” and put for the “First domain to host”

i’ve tried going to but it says the page cannot be found. i’ve even uploaded a test page to see if it will work, but nothing. i log into my control panel and it says You have no domains currently registered through DreamHost on “Ariel’s Account”! - i thought dreamhost offered a free domain registration when you signed up!

can someone please tell me what i have to do to get this working???

Patience! Stuff needs a little time to be set up. In addition, DNS has to update before you can access the site via the domain name, and that can take anywhere from a few minutes up to 72 hours, will be reachable from some parts of the net before others, and is likely to “come and go” until all the nameservers/caches/etc have been updated - that is just the way it is.

If you want to see your site before DNS changes take effect, check out this DH wiki article.


hehe whoops, yeah it works now.