Domain problems

I finally got FTP access after Paypal cleared but now the domain is not showing up. I pointed the domain to ns1, ns2, and last Wednesday. It is hosted through Dotster and I want to leave it there. What do I need to do so the domain will start working? I have emailed DH about it.

The easiest way for us to help you, would be if you can post your domain name. The name should have propiagted by now, and you should be seeing some kind of a response from DH. That response could be an error message about your httpd conf, or just a empty direectory listing if you’ve not uploaded anythign to your site yet.

Anyways, it’s hard to say with the small amount of informaiton provided.

And please, don’t multiple post, it’s just annoying.


Understood - I won’t multiple post.

The domain is I got a response back from DH that they hadn’t added the A record. They did that but since I’m on a Windows box until tomorrow I can’t dig it to see. Does it take time for an A record to propagate? I could see the files at work but now that I’m at home I’m getting a 404 error.

If is a new a record to say the creation of your domain it takes from 12 to 72 hours to propagate… if you own your own dns maybe you get the changes on less time (on home I admin my own dns ;), also is is adding a A record for an active domain takes from 3 to 12 hours (less or more depending on service;)