Domain problems...dreamhost nameserver wrong?


I’m trying to move my site from mediatemple to DreamHost. I set up the new name servers weeks ago but I’m not getting anything when I go to

At Mediatemple it says to put in the nameservers and it will fill in the IP addresses when it confirms the namerservers are valid–however it never filled in the IPs so are the nameservers invalid? I put in the ones I was told to.


Well, I see your domain is in whois, and the nameservers point at dreamhost. Manually going through the records from a root server, your domain should be resolving at dreamhost.

But, the dreamhost servers are not resolving the domain.

I am guessing you have not set up hosting in the control panel.
You may wish to check out the wiki:


I’ve read everything controlled-paneled to the best of my ability, but I still get nothing.

I think the problem is this:

Domain When Requested 2007-08-24 13:04:40 hide

Approval email sent to
You must click the link in that email for the transfer process to continue.

I never received a registration transfer email.

If it is something else please tell me!

The eMail is sent to the address listed in the original domain registration. If this is not you (it may be the email address of the company where your domain is registered), then you will either need to get it changed to you or coordinate the transfer with them.

But before this can even happen, you need to get the transfer auth code from your current registrar. Enter this code where prompted in the dreamhost control panel. If you don’t do this, then the transfer will fail anyway.

But, you do not need to do this if you just want to get your site running sooner. In other words, leave the registration where it is for the time being, and set up the hosting here at DH. Take a look here. This will work since you already have the nameservers pointed at DH.

After your site is up, then deal with getting the domain registration transferred to DH.


Thanks so much!

With your help I now have a site up at

One problem though; according to the link you provided

“change the nameservers for your Registration to point to DreamHost using:
This will cause people to see your files on our server while the name is being transferred to us”

I did this a long time ago but it doesn’t cause people to be redirected. If you type in a browser you get nothing. Do I need to get the registration ironed out for that to happen? I don’t want to give clients a address.

Great! I think you are close now.

In the control panel, click domains, then manage domains. Is listed there? If it is there, post back here.

I am guessing it is not, so click “add new domain” and add it in the “fully hosted” section (this is the top section, there are 4 other sections). Fill out the other questions in that section (i.e. user name, web directory)and click “fully host this domain now”.

I think this is what you need to complete the hosting portion of your transfer to DH. This will add the DNS entry needed to bring your site live.

If anything does not make sense, please come back and ask.

After the hosting setup is complete, you can get started on the registration transfer.


On edit: Allow time for DNS to propagate. This is not an instant change.

Oh, but it is!

It’s listed as fully hosted as well. Wish I could show you a screen shot. :frowning:

Hmm… Then you should have DNS records.

In the manage domains screen, please click the DNS link.
In that screen, scroll down to the section "Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for"
Select that line and everything below it, copy it, and post it here.


Here 'tis:

Record ( zone) Type Value
MX 0
MX 0
ftp A
mail A
mail MX 0
mail MX 0
mailboxes A
www.mailboxes A
webmail A
www.webmail A
www A

Those DNS records look reasonable. The DH nameservers are not serving the records. There is not even a SOA entry on the servers for your domain.

I think it is time for you to open a support ticket with DH tech support. Unless someone else has an idea, this looks like a DH DNS issue affecting your domain.

Include the URL to this thread, it may save them some time.


I agree… Open a support ticket and they should be able to resolve your issue fairly quick.

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