Domain problem

When I search domain availability from the home page (not signed in), it says the domain I want is available, but when I search it from the panel after having signed in, it says it’s already taken. What’s going on? Can I get it or not? Help!

You might want to ask support through the control panel. Please don’t tell us the domain you’re looking for here or someone will go out and snipe it on you.

I don’t know for sure but there might be a way for what you’re seeing to happen and support should be able to tell you definitively what happened.

Alternatively you could use online tools to see if the domain you are interested in is actually available - just be sure to do it from a tools site, not a registrar (aside from DH). I just get the feeling that some registrars are less scrupulous than others about registering queried domains in an attempt to resell them. But I’ve got a couple wrinkles in my tin-foil hat that way.

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I feel the same way. I checked for a domain one day on some other site and when I got around to registering it later that night it had been taken but nothing was being hosted on it. It was not an obscure domain name that I know has been unclaimed for the past two or three years since I let it expire back then.

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I think it means it is taken within DH. Somebody may registered the domain or tried to register the domain name before and the domain name was cached in DH’s system.

If you are sure that the domain name is still available, you may want to contact DH. Tell them you are going to be their customer. They give you the domain name and you will sign up an account :wink:

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Actually, now that I think about it, this happened to me once.

I just waited an hour or so and tried again and it worked!

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