Domain Problem


I’ve just signed up for dreamhost. My domain is and it was expired just on April 6th. Seem like the domain is still owned by me when I check in I registered the domain at

When I just opened the account in dreamhost, it says that it can transfer the domain registrant to and have 1 year free and I’d like to do so. (i’ve already checked that selection during registration). So am I all set? Or I will have to clear things up before the domain get transferred to dreamhost? The question is that my domain just got expired in, but its not avalible to be re-registered so far. Will dreamhost be able to transfer my domain? Or I’ll have to contact (I’ve already unlocked my domain, so you guys should be able to transfer it and change the dns)

Lucky that your domain name ( is (or was?) registered with OpenSRS/Tucows; their system actually allows registrar transfer AFTER expiry (before it enters Redemption Period, of course). It now depends on the reseller (you said if they are willing to do so. Good luck. Buy and sell pre-owned domain names commission-free Domains & DNS Forum