Domain Privacy


I hope someone can help me clarify this. Its the use of ‘sort of’ that has me confused.

When registering a new domain name with Dreamhost, does that mean, when looking up my domain on, the only personal info will be my domain name listed?

My address, phone number, city, state, email will notbe listed?

All other ‘personal’ info will be Dreamhost ‘proxy’ info?

Is this the same as ‘Private Registration’ / ‘Domains by Proxy’?

I know when I wanted this from Dreamhost first of April, it wasn’t offered, so I had to go elsewhere to register my domain. Hence my questioning this now.

Now that I’m signing up for Dreamhost, and registering a new domain name they offer for free, I just want to be positive that the only info listed of mine will be that domain name only.

Also, is it safe to assume that when transferring my other domain name that all privacy registration will be transferred too?

Sorry for long post, and thanks to anyone who takes time to reply



Yes it is just the DreamHost privacy proxy details that are shown. You can view my domain to check. Details in profile.

Privacy proxies are peculiar to each registrar so they change as you transfer from one privacy proxy to another. If that is what you select.


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Wow! thanks so much for the quick answer! Its exactly what I wanted to ‘hear’ too :slight_smile:

Also, thanks to giving me an example to check, yours. Not only did I see real proof of this, lol, I also got a good laugh out of something I can relate to, (altho’ i’m not that old);

‘100 yrs and still waiting for a good connection.’

Being even nosier, I looked at your site…

‘At 1037, the customer always comes last.’

Luv it! can’t wait to read further…

Again, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Don’t forget, anonymous whois “proxy” does not mean anonymous domain for everyone :wink:

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I am not sure what you mean by this. I thought anonymous was anonymous?

Given the smilie at the end of your post, perhaps there is a joke that went straight over my head. :slight_smile:

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No, it is not safe to assume this.

After transfer of the domain has taken place (and DNS has fully propagated), it would pay to check the WHOIS information and enable WHOIS privacy for the domain via the panel, if needed.


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I have a question about these kinds of services, where a domain host allows you to use their information in place of your own, so when someone does a WHOIS search, they don’t get any personal information on you. I am not accusing anyone, including Dreamhost, of being likely to do this, but isn’t there a danger that the domain host will hijack your domain if you do this, since you can no longer prove you own it; it’s their info there. I have a friend who registered a domain a couple years ago, and while it was her account and legally her domain, it was owned by her, me, and another woman. The host wasn’t very good, and sucked at replying, so the other woman lost her patience and temper and threatened the web and domain host with doing things like registering domains like [thiscompany] and having an Internet campaign against them. Even though she didn’t own the account, the host stole the domain and closed the account. The actual account owner considered pursuing it, but eventually let it go.

I’m not suggesting it’s okay to act this way, but my point is, if a host takes your domain, and the WHOIS registry lists them as the owner, how would you prove you’re the legal owner, if it came down to you needing to prove it?



It is the registrar who proves the ownership. DreamHost in this case. They would have to provide such details to any party requiring them such as a law enforcement agency.

The domain is locked to prevent hi-jacking in the usual manner and the email address in the whois forwards to your own realtime email address that you provide at registration, should someone need to contact/spam you. :wink:

There is sufficient documentation to prove ownership (or registrationship since no-one owns a domain) should the need be, and no doubt DreamHost would be batting for you.


Opinions are my own views and are not the views of DreamHost.
Any advice offered by me should be acted upon only at your own risk.


Thanks for the info, Norm. :slight_smile: My domains aren’t hosted by DreamHost, but my host offers the same service.